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how it began

Forged started as a conversation between the Owner, Annie LaForge, and Mark Newberry of CaffeMarco. After deciding his low acidity dark roast would make the best cold brew coffee, the idea was born. Forged spent months perfecting the brew, and we came out with a higher quality product never before produced and bottled in KY.

What is cold brew coffee?

Cold Brew Coffee (also called cold brew, cold press, or toddy coffee) refers to coffee prepared by the process of steeping coffee grounds in filtered, room temperature water for an extended period of time,

Why choose cold brew coffee?

Cold Brew Coffee offers a flavor profile not found in traditional hot brewed coffee. When high temperature water has contact with the oils on coffee beans it can cause bitterness and additional acidity. Since CBC is "brewed" cold, you get to taste the full flavor potential of the bean while also being smooth without the bitterness. While being delicious is reason enough switch to cold brew, CBC boasts other benefits as well! With the markedly lower acidity, it is easier on the stomach than coffee brewed with hot water. CBC also has a higher caffeine content than traditional brew. It's a win-win for everyone.

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Forged Coffee Co. will be stopping productions until March, 1 2018!



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Forged Coffee Co. will be stopping production until March 1, 2018! We are looking for new and convenient places for our customers to find us!

 Forged will be offering a monthly coffee subscription! Subscriptions will start 3/1/2018 and we will post more details soon!