Forged Coffee + Derby

Forged Coffee Co. is extremely excited to be able to take part in Downtown Frankfort's Derby Celebration!

Our drink special for the day will be the Ferrier's Choice, which consists of our cold brew coffee and an organic mint simple syrup - get is as a latte or a cup!

We will be located outside Capital Cellars right on W. Broadway in Downtown Frankfort! Come hang out, watch grown men and woman ride little bikes, eat amazing food, and drink! Add a shot of Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream and fancy up your morning!

Forged is back from vacation!

I took a quick trip back home to NJ to see my family and friends. The ocean has special powers and I am grateful I was able to experience them! It was rejuvenating and now we are back full swing now! 

Events for the coming week 9/4-9/10

Franklin County Farmer's Market - Saturday 9/9 from 8am-12pm

Josephine Sculpture Park Fall Festival - Sunday 9/10 11am-6pm

Our Menu:

Drink Menu: 
Cold Brew Coffee $3.00
Cold Brew Latte $4.00
Add local organic simple syrups to your drink - Lemon Basil or Orange & Honey

Dairy Options(all organic): Whole Milk, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, and Half and Half

Take home/get you through your morning items:
Anvil Cold Brew Concentrate
Sledgehammer Cold Brew
Fortuna Cold Brew (Local honey & organic orange flavor)
Local Honey Simple Syrups - Orange and Lemon Basil