Forged is back from vacation!

I took a quick trip back home to NJ to see my family and friends. The ocean has special powers and I am grateful I was able to experience them! It was rejuvenating and now we are back full swing now! 

Events for the coming week 9/4-9/10

Franklin County Farmer's Market - Saturday 9/9 from 8am-12pm

Josephine Sculpture Park Fall Festival - Sunday 9/10 11am-6pm

Our Menu:

Drink Menu: 
Cold Brew Coffee $3.00
Cold Brew Latte $4.00
Add local organic simple syrups to your drink - Lemon Basil or Orange & Honey

Dairy Options(all organic): Whole Milk, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, and Half and Half

Take home/get you through your morning items:
Anvil Cold Brew Concentrate
Sledgehammer Cold Brew
Fortuna Cold Brew (Local honey & organic orange flavor)
Local Honey Simple Syrups - Orange and Lemon Basil